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About Us
Bobbleheadz is the most influential in the custom bobblehead industry in the world. People make unique personalized bobble head which be applied to gift, souvenir, collection, artwork, wedding decoration, etc. Here you just need to supply us with your photos, a number of excellent and talented artistes and sculptors will turn your photos into a funny, endearing statue, with the head bobbling by outside forces.

Long-standing History

Each enterprise's development experience vital alternative and choice. Predecessor of Bobbleheadz was originally specializing in products used for wedding decoration, such as coloured ribbon, candle, balloon, wedding cake decoration, etc. When we wanted to enlarge the product line of cake decoration, we decided to try adding a line of custom cake toppers, including model of characters and simple image and an the doll reflected the bride and groom. We decided to take the cake topper a step further and tried truly custom bobble head dolls as per real person!

Custom Bobble

Story About Bobbleheadz

Our Custom Bobble Head

Our custom bobbleheads use a type of nontoxic, polychrome and transformable material named Polymer Clay which can make your bobblehead very alive-looking. As the color of polymer clay is the bobblehead's color so its color won't fade away. In addition, we have the skilled and versatile artistes and sculptors who can make your bobblehead with high quality and high likeness. Best material and excellent artistes contribute immeasurably to the best custom bobblehead. We're committed to offering the highest quality custom bobble head doll in the world.

Our Mission
We aim to make the custom bobblehead with high likeness to our mission is "To Create A Mini You With 100% Likeness". We are so confident because we have versatile, skilled artists and sculptors in Bobbleheadz, who can surprisingly sculpt the statues according the photos, definitely turn the photos into a 3-D products in hours.

Passionate Team

From our far-sighted founder to talented artists, from smart IT office clerks to considerate customer service team, Bobbleheadz is united by a passion to be a big family. All the artists are hired because they have met our rigorous technique standard. All the service members are systematically trained with sculpture knowledge. This way, all the inquiries and questions from our customers could be responded quickly. Most importantly, your idea will be listened by both the service representatives and artists.

Contact Bobbleheadz

Anything is possible in Bobbleheadz. If you have any idea for making your unique custom bobble head, please feel free to contact us.

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