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If you like the design of a bobble head model on our website, you can use it to make your personalized bobble head doll. Our artists will sculpt the head you wish on the standard body you choose and you can change color of the skin, acceessories, base, etc, in order to meet your requirements and give a personalized touch for your statue.

standard custom wedding bobble heads

If there's no body model you like on our website, you can fully custom the bobble head from head to toe.

Premium Material & High Likeness

The material of our bobble head is premium. We use polymer clay, a kind of magic and colorful mud to create the bobble head mock up. That's the why we can make organic and very alive-looking bobble head doll. What's more, we can adjust the face features heaps of times to ensure the likeness. You can find the advantages of our products with the details below.

bobblehead details bobblehead likeness